Saturday, 12 March 2011

Launched! Season of Hope

WoW! That was awesome.

The Relay for Life in Second Life 2011 Season of Hope has been given birth. 3700 people from around the world have come together in Second Life in celebration of LIFE. The kick off party held today at a jaw dropping BOSL Browns Stadium. And what a party.

Everyone was dancing in the stands. Great music playing and not a bad view in the place.The LAG monster was present but it was manageable. I'm sure there were a few servers down in Linden HQ were getting hot! 

Here's the RFL Harmony of Hope group jumping for joy in the stands!

The whole stadium was really nicely done. The local chat was following with hoot and hollering of the attendees and the RFL Volunteer and my Team group IM's not far behind. And of course me being the IM junkie that I am, Heck, I describe SL as MNS Messenger on Steroids, jump right in. A few quick words with team members. Yahoo.
I Found this little cutie dancing away in celebration life too. If there ever a reason I know many of you do this thing called Relay, is represented right here in this.
Well it is Second Life after all!  LoL But that is what I LOVE about it, your can express yourself however you wish. But we ALL have the same feelings and hopes.
Heehee! Love It.
Here's everyone gathering of the main RFL in SL group on stage.

The presentation started and then Tali Walmer came tell her story. 

Early on in my SL adventure I came to realize what SL means to many people. In my travels in this world of wonder, are people whom real life is a struggle. Be it mobility issues, physically or geographically, issues with health, or a 1,000 other reasons, and SL give people access to a community of friends and more.
But what I was truly unprepared for is how SL would change me in my RL and what it gave me.
It has the power to heal. 
That could not be better illustrated in Tali's words.

Poppy Zabelin's post at RFLofSL contains the full text of Tali's speech "You'll Never Walk Alone".
It is a beautiful testament to the power of SL. Do have tissue present.

Poor Stingray9798 Raymake who followed Tali, but summed is up best, 
"How do I follow that!?!?" he said jokingly with deep admiration.

You're right, I'm SO far behind Tali, I have a lot of catching up to do, too!

I'm only 468 days old and this is, my first Relay!
But what a first Relay so far, I am so proud to here.
The love and power of those gathered filled the stadium to over flowing. 

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RacerX said...

Hey that's me!!! 2nd picture from the bottom.
Yay! Was a Great opening to a wonderful thing.

Hope to see everyone at the Giant Snail cross country race on Sunday noon 3/20/2011.
RacerX Gullwing